Triple Trouble!

So Cilan roped me into watching Pokemon: The First Movie.

I don’t know why it’s called that but the movie itself made up for it in its own way, I suppose.


Cress and I haven’t updated in a while, but that’s because we were working on….this…thing. (and a few other things, some related to blogs some life related)

If you don’t want to watch an entire video today, please at least watch this 30 seconds from it.

And that, dear customers, is why I haven’t been on much. Thank you for your patience, have this video.

Even the Gym Leaders come visit us from time to time, it’s very nice.

I’ve memorized the list, but I’ve kept it around for times such as this.

You anons are quite the riot.

Did you really have to ask?

Sure anon, whatever you say.

I prefer most anything, especially if the water is from my dear Simipour.

I find my wit and tongue is the best.

Simipour’s mega evolution will blow away any opponent through sheer adorable-ness.

And Mega Ampharos’ hair is second only to my hair.